Removing Fluoride


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Fluoride is more difficult to remove than most water contaminants

For practical purposes, there are three choices for removing fluoride from drinking water: distillation, reverse osmosis, and filtration through a special fluoride/arsenic reduction medium called activated alumina.

Below you'll find the products we sell that remove fluoride. If you're interested in whole-house fluoride reduction, please read this article.

Reverse Osmosis

The best way to remove fluoride from drinking water is reverse osmosis. Any good reverse osmosis unit removes about 95% of fluoride by its nature. No special filters or setup is needed. See our undersink reverse osmosis units and countertop reverse osmosis units.

Enhanced Performance Fluoride Filter

“The World's Second Best Fluoride Remover.” Reduces fluoride by doubling the exposure to activated alumina (AAL) versus traditional fluoride systems.

This is the second best treatment for fluoride after reverse osmosis, and a great choice for fluoride removal without waste water, pH alteration or mineral removal.

Double Countertop Filters

For basic cartridge-style countertop units, a double filter is required for meaningful fluoride reduction because one full canister needs to be devoted to fluoride removal. (For our standard single canister countertop, Model 77, we have only one fluoride option, and it isn't one we recommend strongly: a Model 77 with a CFX cartridge—performance is limited and the filter should be replace frequently.)

Undersink Filters

You can get our double, triple, and quadruple undersink filters with an activated alumina cartridge for fluoride removal.

Note: Fluoride removal with an activated alumina cartridge requires a slow pass of the water through the filter, so we don't recommend simple undersink filters that filter all water coming from the existing cold water faucet.

Note: Reverse Osmosis needs no special equipment to remove fluoride. Fluoride removal is achieved in all of the undersink and double countertop units above by a high quality activated alumina cartridge. The cartridge, our part number FC011, can also be ordered separately. It will fit any housing that accepts standard 9.75" X 2.5" cartridges, so it can be easily added to most existing undersink filters. And if it doesn't fit your existing housing, it can be easily added as an Add-On unit to almost any undersink or refrigerator filter.

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