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Parts for Countertop Filters, Undersink Filters, Reverse Osmosis Units, Ultraviolet Units, Backwashing Filters, Softeners, and Leak Protectors, O-Rings, Fittings and Wrenches


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We carry replacement parts for every product we sell. Housing, tubing, valves, brackets, fittings, faucets and more—they're all here. If you're looking for replacement cartridges, we have a separate online catalog for those.

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Reverse Osmosis, Undersink and Countertop Parts

Reverse Osmosis Parts

Parts for reverse osmosis units, including shutoff valves, fittings, tanks, faucets, filter housings, mounting brackets, RO tank valves, drain saddles, inlet saddle valves, filter wrenches, TDS testers, tubing, flow restrictors and more.

Undersink Filter Parts

Parts for all undersink water filters, including housing and brackets, faucets, inlet kits, o-rings, screws, tubing and more.

Countertop Filter Parts

Parts for all standard countertop water filters, including housings, spouts, diverter valves, spout and tube elbows, o-rings, tubing, faucet adapters and more.

Ultraviolet Parts

Pura Ultraviolet Parts

Parts for Pura ultraviolet units, including lamps, quartz sleeves, housings, o-rings and power supplies.

Softener and Backwashing Filter Parts

Softener and Backwashing Filter Valves

Fleck 2510 and 5600 softener and backwashing filter valves, from basic manual systems to advanced electronic SXT controls.

Mineral Tanks

Enpress Vortech™ and Structural™ polyglass mineral tanks for softeners and backwashing filters.

Softener and Backwashing Filter Parts

Parts for 5600 and 2510 softeners and backwashing filters, including softener piston assembly kits, filter piston assemblies, low water pistons, seal and spacer kits, and drive motors.

Filter Media

Bituminous Coal Activated Carbon, Coconut Shell Carbon, Centaur Catalytic Carbon, Jacobi Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon, Birm, Filter Ag, Calcite, Corosex, Filox, Zeolite, Softener Resin, Scalenet, KDF-55, KDF-85, Activated Alumina, Gravel

Holding Tanks and Brine Tanks

Holding tanks (or retention tanks) for chemical feed systems allow the agent you've injected more residence time to do its work. Adding retention time always improves efficiency, and with some treatments (bacteria treatment with clorine, for example) it's essential.

Brine tanks are saltwater storage tanks for use with water softeners.

Housings, Fittings, O-rings & Wrenches

Filter Housings

Filter housings for four common cartridge sizes:

Size 1 (2.5" x 9.75"), standard size for most undersink and reverse osmosis units, Size 2 (2.5" x 20") and Size 3 (4.5" x 10"), for moderate-flow whole house units, and Size 4 (4.5" x 20") for high-flow whole house filters.

Quick-Connect Fittings

We sell high quality quick-connect fittings from John Guest and G. A. Murdock, as well replacement parts for fittings.


O-rings ensure that housings don't leak, but they can flatten or deteriorate with time. They should be changed regularly (typically with each cartridge change) to ensure leak-free use. We offer o-rings for countertop filters, undersink filters, reverse osmosis units and more.

Filter Wrenches

Filter wrenches can help to loosen tightly screwed in housings. We offer a wide range of wrench sizes for many of the housings featured in our products. Along with standard, inexpensive plastic filter wrenches, we offer long-lasting steel Superb Wrenches.

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