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Two basic styles. Simplified Reverse Osmosis systems that are economical, easy to install, and easy to service.

Our countertop RO units use the same membranes and filters as our larger undersink units and produce water of the same high quality. We build two basic styles and are open to suggestion if you have special requirements.

“Countertop” means more than that the unit sits on the kitchen cabinet. It refers to a style of reverse osmosis unit that produces directly into a container and does not have the pressurized storage tank used on undersink reverse osmosis units. This allows for the omission of several standard undersink reverse osmosis parts, like automatic shutoff systems and check valves. The design is simpler and the unit is less expensive.

These units are designed to function mainly as bottle fillers. A countertop RO will fill a five-gallon bottle with top quality drinking water while you sleep or watch TV, then you put the RO unit away until you want to fill another bottle.

It's a favorite among specialty users, like greenhouse and aquarium owners. It can be used in the kitchen, the laundry room, in a motor home — anywhere there's a water source and a drain. We even have a garden hose or outdoor faucet attachment if you'd like to put it on the patio.

Water quality with countertops is the same as with undersink units — sometimes a little better, because the unit doesn't have to work against the pressure of the storage tank.

“The Greatest Bargain in Purified Water”

Countertop reverse osmosis is in many ways the greatest bargain in purified water. You get more water for your money than with undersink reverse osmosis systems because with countertop units a storage tank, ledge faucet, and several small internal parts are not needed.

The price you pay is convenience. Undersink units produce and store water automatically, but with countertop reverse osmosis units you have to work a little for the water. These systems are designed to provide top quality water for customers who don't want to install an undersink system, but they aren't for people with a low tolerance for inconvenience.

Style A

Full-sized system. This unit is identical to our Black & White undersink units, except it's styled to operate as a countertop.

Water enters the black vessel, passes through a carbon block filter, then goes to the reverse osmosis membrane (white horizontal vessel), then another carbon block filter (white vertical vessel).

Standard Production 50 gallons per day
Dimensions 6" deep, 16" tall, 14" wide.
Approximate Annual Upkeep Less than $40 for filters per year / $55 membrane every three years or so

This unit can stand free, as shown, lie on its back, or be hung on a wall. It uses standard MatriKX carbon block 10-inch filter cartridges and a 50 gallon-per-day Filmtec membrane. We can alter the production upon request.

The two carbon block filters should be changed annually and the membrane approximately every third year. If you own a TDS Tester (see below), you can usually save money on membrane changes.

Standard cartridges for this unit are MatriKX CTO prefilter (black housing) and MatriKX CTO+ post filter (white housing). Other cartridges can be substituted upon request. Cartridges at our standard 9.75" x 2.5" size cartridge page fit this unit.

Style B

This compact system features disposable inline filters. The prefilter is a five-micron carbon block and the postfilter is a granular coconut shell carbon. It's very easy to use, easy to service. Water enters a carbon block filter, passes through the reverse osmosis membrane (top vessel), and exits through a granular carbon filter. The cartridges are from top makers — Pentek and Omnipure.

Standard Production 50 gallons per day
Dimensions 6" deep, 6" tall, 14" long
Approximate Annual Upkeep Less than $40 for filters per year / $55 membrane every three years or so

Fifty gallon-per-day production is standard, but we can make it produce more on request. As with Style A, the standard membrane is a Filmtec 50 gallon per day TFC.

We recommend an annual change of the two carbon filters and "as needed" change of the membrane. Normal membrane life is about 3 years. (Owning a TDS tester can save money on unneeded membrane changes.)

Replacements for this unit are parts IF001 and IF116 on this page

Replacement Cartridges and Membrane

New countertop reverse osmosis units arrive with cartridges and membrane. Replacements may be ordered below. (All cartridges subject to a volume discount.)

Replacement Cartridges – Style A

A free-flowing but very effective carbon block. A versatile and inexpensive filter that works anywhere carbon filtration is needed.


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 5


  • Activated Carbon

Part # fc003

Amazing 30,000 gallon chlorine capacity (at 1 gpm flow rate) and great chemical removal properties. Our most popular cartridge. (Formerly MatriKX +1.)


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 1


  • Activated Carbon

Part # fc001

Replacement Cartridges – Style B

A 10" carbon block filter for chlorine/chemical reduction and taste/odor improvement, with 1/4" Quick Connect fittings.


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 5


  • Activated Carbon

Part # if116

A 10" granular activated coconut shell carbon filter for chemical/chlorine reduction and taste/odor improvement, with 1/4" Quick Connect fittings.




  • Coconut Shell Carbon

Part # if001

Replacement Membrane — Styles A & B

A 50 gallon-per-day Filmtec residential thin film composite (TFC) membrane.

Part # mm050

Suggested Accessories

HMDigital TDS Tester, measures 0 to 1000 parts per million total dissolved solids. A very handy tool for reverse osmosis owners; it tells you when your membrane needs replacement. TDS Tester Discussion.

Part # rc400

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