AAL Cartridge

AAL Cartridge
part# fc011

Our best fluoride reduction cartridge. A generous amount of highest quality activated alumina media.

Recommended flow rate 0.25 gallons per minutes. Not normally used as a stand-alone filter.
Activated alumina performance depends on a number of variables, like pH, water temperature, flow rate, and calcium carbonate content. We feel it's safe to assume for this cartridge a 1,000 gallon fluoride reduction life on normal city water conditions if flow rates are kept low. The ideal flow rate is 0.25 gpm or less. Exceeding this rate both reduces cartridge life and fluoride reduction effectiveness. The cartridge should be changed annually.

Cartridge Details

manufacturer: Pure Water Products
media: Activated Alumina
cartridge capacity: 1,200 gallons @ 0.25 gpm
flow direction: Axial
recommended change: 1 Year

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