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Popular Double Countertop Water Filters & Replacement Cartridges

A few years ago trade magazines were filled with ads for double countertop filters. As their popularity faded, vendors quickly lost interest. Popular or not, they still have advantages and offer lots of filtration for the money, so we continue to offer ours although it's true they aren't our bestseller.

The main advantage of the double over the single countertop is obviously that you get double filtration capacity—an important consideration when treating difficult to remove chemicals like chloramines. In addition, you get more variety. For example, with two vessels rather than one, you can have the advantage of a lead removal cartridge in company with a high-capacity chemical cartridge for a very effective all-around water treatment system.

The big disadvantage of double countertops is that they take up a lot of counter space. Nothing's perfect.

As with our standard Model 77, you can choose any cartridges you want from our 9.75" X 2.5" cartridge menus. If you don't specify, you'll get what we think is the best all-around cartridge choice: the MatriKX Pb1 lead-and-cyst-removal extruded carbon block followed by the MatriKX CTO+ nominal 1 micron extruded block, an exceptional chlorine and chemical filter and a great taste/odor enhancer.

A popular substitute for those who want fluoride removal is the AAL (activated alumina) cartridge. It pairs well with either of the standard cartridges. (At this time, no fluoride option is available for candle-size units.)

Double Model 77

Double Model 77 Countertop Filter

Includes your choice of cartridges*, or, if you don't specify, we'll send these standard cartridges:

  • MatriKX Pb1, a lead-and-cyst-removal extruded carbon block, and
  • MatriKX CTO+, a 30,000 gallon capacity chlorine filter, chemical reducer and great taste/odor enhancer.

Also includes your choice of spout. The unit in the picture at right has the standard, “gooseneck” spout.

* During check-out, write your cartridge choices in the “comments” box.

Part # cf006

Stainless steel spouts are offered in two styles. The standard style is Gooseneck.

Select a cartridge setup below. These are a few commonly ordered cartridge configurations; if you don't see what you need here, give us a call:

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