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Sprite Shower Filters, Vitabath™ Vitamin C Bath Tablets

In addition to our catalog of drinking water and everyday use filters, we offer specialty filters designed for a variety of specific uses.

For the shower and bath, we offer high quality Sprite Shower Filters and Vitabath™ Vitamin C de-chlorinating bath tablets.

Other unique use filters include our line of Garden Hose Filters and an assortment of Specialty Filters.

Sprite High Output Shower Filters

Sprite High Output Shower Filters feature a KDF formula with Chlorgon®, a patented mineral salt that's very effective at removing “free chlorine”.

Sprite Hand Held Shower Filter

Sprite Hand Held filters include a detachable shower head. They use the same combination of KDF & Chlorgon filtration media that makes Sprite’s High Output system so effective and popular.

Vitabath™ De-chlorinating Tablets

Vitabath™ tablets are designed to quickly remove chlorine and chloramine using 100% pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.

Replacement Cartridges

Sprite Shower Filter Cartridges

Replacement cartridges for select models of Sprite brand shower head & hand held filters.

Information Related to Shower and Bath Filters

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