Pura UV Complete Ultraviolet Systems


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Complete ultraviolet systems, available in different sizes for installation on inline tubing, under the sink, or for treating all of the water that enters your home or business.

Pura UV systems offer bacteria disinfection solutions for whole house, commercial and drinking water applications. They are available as single ultraviolet-only disinfection units, or as multi-stage ultraviolet and filtration systems for a complete home and drinking water treatment.

Whole-House Ultraviolet

Pura UV20

Pura UV20 units are designed for small to mid-sized whole house applications. UV20 system are available as single ultraviolet units, or in combination with sediment filtration and carbon block filtration. Intended for flow rates of 8 to 10 gallon per minute.

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Pura UVBB units are large residential whole-house or light industrial systems for high flow situations where up to 15 gallon-per-minute flow rate is needed. Available as single-stage UV-only units, or as multi-stage systems with sediment and carbon filtration.

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Under-Sink Ultraviolet

Pura UV1

Pura UV1 is a single-canister under-sink unit with Pura's “extended pass” carbon block filter. It's a drinking water filter with a one gallon per minute flow rate disinfection capacity. It is capable of serious chemical reduction as well as purification. The 0.5 micron carbon block filter is tight enough to assure cyst removal.

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Pura UVB

Pura UVB units consist of single, double and triple-stage under-sink units with sediment and carbon filtration capable of treating two gallons per minute flow rates.

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Inline Add-on Ultraviolet

Pura Addon Units

Easy-to-install add-ons to existing drinking water systems. Self-contained. Just run the water through and plug it in to an electrical source. One and Three gallons-per-minute systems available. Units easily install into existing treatment setups with 3/8" quick-connect fittings.

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