Pura UV20 Series Parts

Below are the most commonly ordered parts for Pura Ultraviolet UV20 Series manufactured from January 2012. Please call or email for other parts.

Most parts are on hand for immediate shipment.

Filter Cartridge Replacement Guide

UV004 Pura UV20-1

No cartridge needed. Lamp only.

UV006 Pura UV20-2/SD

One cartridge needed: any good quality sediment cartridge.

Suggested: 5-micron string wound sediment.

UV005 Pura UV20-2/CB

One cartridge needed: a high quality carbon block.

Suggested: MatriKX CTO.

UV007 Pura UV20-3/CB20/SD

Two cartridges needed: a sediment filter and a carbon block, as described above.

Suggested: 5-micron string wound sediment and MatriKX CTO. More options are available from the 2.5" x 20" cartridge section.

Replacement Parts

Ultraviolet Lamp

Fits UV20 Series,UVBB Series and Addon-3.

Part # uv102

UV20 Quartz Sleeve, Quartz Sleeve Adapter and O-rings

Fits Addon-3 and UV20 Series.

Part # uv105

O-ring set for Pura UVB quartz sleeve #11 and Pura UV20 quartz sleeve #20.

Part # or021

Filter Cartridges

Our most popular depth filter, for normal sediment applications.




  • Nominal 5


  • String Wound

Part # fc256

A Pentek branded carbon block cartridge designed for chlorine and chemical reduction.


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 10


  • Activated Carbon

Part # fc803

A free-flowing but very effective carbon block. A versatile and inexpensive filter that works anywhere carbon filtration is needed.


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 5


  • Activated Carbon

Part # fc203

UV20 Housing Sumps, Caps, O-rings and Complete Housing Assemblies

Includes filter housing cap, sump, and o-ring.

Part # uv700

Includes UV lamp housing cap, sump, and o-ring.

Part # uv701

UV20 Power Control Box and Ballast

Standard 120 volt

Standard 120 volt power control box and ballast, for Pura UVB and UV20 units.

Part # uv202

Miscellaneous UV20 Parts

Fits Flowmatic 2.5" housings, as well as Pura UVB and Pura UV20 housings.

Part # wr006

Gasket for stainless steel channeling sleeve in a Pura UV20 ultraviolet lamp housing.

Part # uv400

Stainless steel channeling sleeve for Pura UV20 ultraviolet lamp housing.

Part # uv307

Standard PVC replacement nipple fitting for Pura UV20 units.

Part # uv309

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