Pura Addon Series Ultraviolet Units


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Units offered here use standard 115 volt power supplies. For 220V options, see our separate catalog.

Pura's Addon Series consists of two units, a one and a three gallon-per-minute system, each designed as a stand-alone UV unit or as a convenient addition to an existing drinking water unit. The Addon 1, for example, can be easily added as the final stage to an undersink filter or reverse osmosis unit. These are compact, easily installed systems that are trouble free and easy to service. They have no filters to change and require only an annual lamp replacement.

Both Addon units are fitted with John Guest type 3/8" push-in quick connect fittings. The units offered here are standard 115 volt. For 220V options, see our separate catalog.

Pura Addon Series

Standalone Ultraviolet

Easy-to-install Addons to existing drinking water systems. Self-contained. Just run the water through it and plug it in to an electrical source. Connections are 3/8" push-in fittings.

Replacement Lamp

Lamp #10 (Addon 1)

Lamp #20 (Addon 2)

Replacement Sleeve

Quartz Sleeve #11 (Addon 1)

Quartz Sleeve #20 (Addon 3)

Lamp Power Usage

10 Watts (Addon 1)

22 Watts (Addon 3)

Voltage 115 volt
Lamp Dosage 16,000 μW-s/cm² or greater

Ultraviolet lamp only. One gallon per minute capacity.

Part # uv002

Ultraviolet lamp only. Three gallons per minute capacity.

Part # uv003

Replacement Lamps

Lamps should be replaced annually.

Add-On 1 Lamp

Fits Pura Addon-1 and UV1 Units.

Part # uv100
Add-On 3 Lamp

Fits UV20 Series,UVBB Series and Addon-3.

Part # uv102

Replacement Quartz Sleeves

Sleeves are not a regularly replaced component. We offer them in case you break one accidentally.

Add-On 1 Quartz Sleeve

Fits Addon-1 and UVB Series.

Part # uv104
Add-On 3 Quartz Sleeve

Fits Addon-3 and UV20 Series.

Part # uv105

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