Pura UVB Series Ultraviolet Units


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The Pura UVB Series consists of single, double and triple undersink units with sediment and carbon filtration capable of two gallons per minute treatment. Pura UVB systems are commonly used in light commercial and medical applications where small valumes of sterilized water is required.

Units offered here use standard 115 volt power supplies. For 220V options, see our separate catalog.

Pura UVB Series

Undersink units with Pura's “extended pass” carbon block filters to reduce chemicals and improve the taste and odor of the water.

Replacement Lamp

Lamp #11

Replacement Sleeve

Quartz Sleeve #11

Lamp Power Usage

14 watts

Voltage 115 volt
Lamp Dosage 16,000 μW-s/cm² or greater

Ultraviolet lamp with extended pass carbon block filter. 2 gallon per minute capacity.

Part # uv008

Ultraviolet lamp with sediment filter and extended pass carbon block. 2 gallon per minute capacity.

Part # uv009

Ultraviolet lamp with sediment filter, extended pass carbon block, and granular carbon filter. 2 gallon per minute capacity.

Part # uv010

Replacement Lamps

Lamps should be replaced annually.

Part # uv101

Replacement Quartz Sleeves

Sleeves are not a regularly replaced component. We offer them in case you break one accidentally.

Fits Addon-1 and UVB Series.

Part # uv104

Filter Cartridge Replacement Guide

One of the great advantages of Pura systems is that in every case they use standard-sized filter cartridges. This means that sediment and carbon cartridges can be replaced either with Pura brand cartridges or with the many excellent cartridges that other manufacturers offer in the same sizes.

UVB Units

UV008 Pura UVB1-EPCB

Standard cartridges is Pura EBCB 0.5 micron carbon block.


Standard cartridges are Pura EBCB 0.5 and any good quality 5-micron sediment cartridge.

Suggested sediment cartridge: 5-micron melt blown. More options are available on our standard 2.5" x 9.75" cartridge page.


Same cartridges as unit above, plus any good quality granular carbon or carbon block filter.

Any of the carbon cartridges in the 2.5" x 9.75" section in our cartridge menu will do well.

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