Pura Addon Series Parts

Below are the most commonly ordered parts for Pura Ultraviolet Addon Series manufactured from January 2012. Please call or email for other parts.

Most parts are on hand for immediate shipment.

Filter Cartridge Replacement Guide

UV002 Add-On #1

No cartridge needed. Lamp only.

UV003 Add-On #3

Pura Addon Series

Ultraviolet Lamp

Add-On 1 Lamp

Fits Pura Addon-1 and UV1 Units.

Part # uv100
Add-On 3 Lamp

Fits UV20 Series,UVBB Series and Addon-3.

Part # uv102

Addon Quartz Sleeve

Add-On 1 Quartz Sleeve

Fits Addon-1 and UVB Series.

Part # uv104
Add-On 3 Quartz Sleeve

Fits Addon-3 and UV20 Series.

Part # uv105

Addon Housing Gaskets

Fits Pura Addon-1 and Addon-3 units.

Part # uv408

Addon Power Supply

Standard 120V power supply for Pura Addon or UV1 units.

Part # uv200

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