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Classy Stenner Solution Tank, designed to work with the Stenner Peristaltic Pump. Less expensive "generic" solution tanks are also available.

Chemical/Mineral feed systems are among the most effective, versatile, and cost-efficient of water treatment devices. (Go here for a diagram of a typical feed pump setup.) Depending on the chemical agent used, the same equipment can treat bacteria, iron, manganese, low pH, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), and many other water problems.

What is more, multiple problems can sometimes be addressed with a single treatment. For example, if the pH of your water is too low for effective iron removal, you can increase the pH by injecting soda ash and add chlorine to oxidize the iron in a single operation. And equipment purchased for one purpose can be easily converted to another.

The high quality Stenner peristaltic pump can be used to feed chlorine or soda ash, for example, but is also capable of feeding hydrogen peroxide without losing its prime.

Feed systems are simple to install & to operate.

We've divided this page into Part A, which contains what you have to have, and Part B, which includes useful and sometimes necessary add-ons.

What you must have is a solution tank to hold the solution you're going to inject into your water, a pump to feed the solution into your water line, and a simple tee connection to provide an entry port for the solution into your water line.

Some useful and often necessary additions to this simple system, listed in Part B, are:

A holding, or retention tank, to allow the agent you've injected more residence time to do its work. Adding retention time always improves efficiency, and with some treatments, chlorine introduced to kill bacteria for example, it's essential.

A “static mixer,” which can replace the simple injection and greatly improve performance by mixing the solution quickly and thoroughly with your water.

Filters are sometimes needed to remove the “precipitated” contaminant (iron, for example), or to remove an injected chemical and its by-products after it has done its work. Chlorine, for example, can create some very undesirable spin-off chemicals.

Below is a brief Summary Chart to suggest problems that you might treat with a chemical feeder system. This is not an exhaustive list and it is not a performance guarantee, because here, as with any water treatment strategy, results can depend on many variables. It's often best to get advice before ordering. The chart is meant as a starting point, not as a definitive guarantee of performance.

Problem Suggested Solutions

  1. A Chlorine Feed system from this page.

  2. A Chlorine Feed system from this page followed by an optional carbon filter to remove the chlorine.

  3. A Hydrogen Peroxide feed system from this page with or without an optional carbon filter. Please note that although Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent, most water treatment professionals prefer chlorine to hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for bacteria.

  4. Alternative treatments you might want to consider:

    1. Ultraviolet Disinfection, a very effective chemical-free alternative to chlorine.

    2. Dry Pellet Chlorination, with or without an optional carbon filter.

Iron &/or Manganese

  1. A Chlorine Feed System from this page followed by a carbon filter to to remove the chlorine and the iron. With iron removal, a backwashing filter is necessary.

  2. Or, a Hydrogen Peroxide feed system from this page followed by a carbon filter to remove the iron.

  3. Alternative Treatments you might want to consider:

    1. Dry Pellet Chlorination, with a carbon filter.

    2. A Birm Filter with or without aeration as a pretreatment.

    3. Aeration followed by a birm or carbon filter.

    4. A water softener.

Hydrogen Sulfide
Egg Smell)
  1. A Chlorine Feed system from this page followed by a carbon filter.

  2. Or, a Hydrogen Peroxide feed system from this page followed by a carbon filter.
    In both items above, if no iron is present in the water, a cartridge-style carbon filter will usually work.

  3. Alternative treatments to consider:

    1. Aeration followed by carbon filtration.

    2. Dry Pellet Chlorination followed by a carbon filter.

(Stains on Driveways & Buildings)
  1. A phosphate feed system from this page.

  2. Alternative treatment to consider: Pro Rust Out to remove existing stains. (Listed below at the bottom this page.)

Low pH
  1. A soda ash feed system from this page.

  2. Alternative treatment to consider: Backwashing Calcite Filter.

Questions about dosages? Go here for a handy chemical feed system dosage chart.

Part A :
Essential Equipment:
Pumps & Accessories

Stenner Peristaltic Pumps
A Stenner Peristaltic Pump can be used for virtually any chemical feed application. All of our Stenner Pumps are basically the same, with minor differences noted in the chart below. They are all 100 PSI, with an easily adjustable feed rate. They can be easily maintained with snap-on parts, and every pump comes with full instructions and installation kit. Pumps require routine easy maintenance.
Part # Description Price
CI006 Stenner Pump 10 GPD, 110 volt. 26 RPM. Maximum GPD: 10. $388.00 Add to Cart
CI007 Stenner Pump 10 gpd, 220 volt. 26 RPM. Maximum GPD: 10. $388.00 Add to Cart
CI008 Stenner Pump 3 gpd, 110 volt. 26 RPM. Maximum GPD: 3. $388.00 Add to Cart
CI009 Stenner Pump 3 gpd, 220 volt. 26 RPM. Maximum GPD: 3. $388.00 Add to Cart
CI001 Stenner Pump 17 gpd, 110 volt. 44 RPM. Maximum GPD: 17. $388.00 Add to Cart
CI002 Stenner Pump 17 gpd, 220 volt. 44 RPM. Maximum GPD: 17. $388.00 Add to Cart
Solution Tanks & Accessories
CI003 Solution Tank, 15 Gallon. Natural (color) 15 gallon solution tank. $49.00 Add to Cart
CI004 Solution Tank, 35 Gallon. Natural (color) 35 gallon solution tank. $117.00 Add to Cart

Stenner Solution Tank, 15 Gallon. Especially made to use with the Stenner Peristaltic Pump above. Holes for pump mounting pre-drilled. Please note that the two less expensive tanks above also work fine with the Stenner pump. (This is a Tank only, the Pump is not included)

Picture of Stenner 15 gal. Solution Tank with pump mounted.

$176.00 Add to Cart

Part B: Useful and Often Necessary Items

WellMate Universal Retention Tanks & other feeder accessories. We pay shipping

Part # Description Price
TA200 WellMate 30 Gallon 16" X 44" Retention Tank $244.00 Add to Cart
TA201 WellMate 40 Gallon 16" X 56" Retention Tank $279.00 Add to Cart
TA202 WellMate 80 Gallon 21" X 67" Retention Tank $428.00 Add to Cart
TA203 WellMate 120 Gallon 24" X 73" Retention Tank $589.00 Add to Cart
CI201 Inline Mixer. Replaces the standard PVC Tee above and greatly enhances and speeds up chemical reactions by creating turbulence. Also frequently called a “static mixer.” Comes with 1" female pipe thread. $104.00 Add to Cart

Products That Can Be Injected With Our Chemical Feeder Systems

Note: With the exception of hydrogen peroxide, the products below can be shipped without hazardous materials surcharge. In most cases, we can sell a single bottle. Please inquire about availability. Chlorine pellets, which require hazardous shipping procedures, are not listed here but are listed for sale on our WellPro Dry Pellet Chlorinator page. If you plan to inject liquid chlorine with a pump, regular household bleach from the supermarket is your most economical source. ( See our handy Chlorine Dosage Chart. )

Part # Description Price
FM301 Pro Neutra 7 soda ash in 7 pound bottles. Sold only in cases of 4 seven-pound bottles. When injected, soda ash neutralizes the pH of acidic water.

Case of four 7-lb. bottles:


Add to Cart
FM019 Soda Ash in one 50 LB. Box. When injected, neutralizes acid water.


Add to Cart
FM302 Poly-phosphate. Sold only in cases of six, five-pound bottles. Eliminates iron staining due to dissolved iron in irrigation systems. Dosage information.

Case of six 5-lb. bottles:


Add to Cart
FM300 Hydrogen Peroxide in one-gallon bottle. Sold only in cases of four. Can be injected to kill bacteria or to oxidize iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. This is 7% hydrogen peroxide, the perfect strength for direct feed systems.

Case of four 1-gallon bottles:

Add to Cart

While not to be injected with a feeder pump,
Pro-Rust Out is a handy related product for removing existing Iron (rust) stains.

Part # Description Price
FM303 Pro Rust Out.  Removes existing rust stains from driveways and buildings. Case of six, five-pound bottles. Chemical product that cleans iron staining. Applied with common hose spray devices. $96.00 Add to Cart

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