Stenner Pump Output

To find out the actual output and the variations on a Stenner pump, we did a very informal test with a new 220 volt 10 gallon-per-day Stenner metering pump.

We used a stop watch, a pail of water, and a standard kitchen measuring cup.

The pump has a 1 to 10 setting wheel.

Here's what we found:

  • On the highest setting, 10, the pump produced about 11.8 gallons per day.

  • On the middle setting, 5, the pump produced about 5.9 gallons per day.

  • On the lowest setting, 1, the pump produced about 1.8 gallons per day

  • There is an ultra-low setting below 1. The production is noticeably lower than the 1 setting, but we lost patience and quit before we could get enough water in our measuring cup to yield a calculation.

The Moral: There is a great range variation, but the manufacturer's output rating seems to describe more accurately the high range than the mid range of the pump.

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