Chemical Feed Pump Parts


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Below are the most commonly ordered parts for Stenner chemical feed pumps. Please call or email if you don't find what you need.

Most parts are on hand for immediate shipment.

For replacement pumps, tanks and accessories, see our index of Stenner Feed Pumps.

See the Stenner Basic Service Manual for illustrated instructions on part replacement.

Stenner Peristaltic Pump Parts

Genuine Stenner #1 pump tubes, for use in 3 GPD units.

Part # ci910

Genuine Stenner #2 pump tubes, for use in 10 GPD and 17 GPD units.

Part # ci911

Genuine Stenner check valve. Prevents backflow at the point of injection.

Part # ci914

Genuine Stenner 1/4" ferrules, sold in packs of 10.

Part # ci912

Genuine Stenner 1/4" connecting nuts, sold in packs of 10.

Part # ci913

Genuine Stenner duckbills, sold in packs of 5.

Part # ci915

Genuine Stenner strainer and weight for 1/4" solution tank pickup tube.

Part # ci916

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