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Well Pro with protective cover in place.

Unit with the cover removed to expose the working parts and chlorine supply bottle.

Well Pro Dry Pellet Chlorination Systems for Hydrogen Sulfide, Bacteria & Iron Treatment, & Chlorine Pellets

Using chemicals isn't our favorite thing, but sometimes chlorination seems the best answer to well problems. Chlorine, of course, is the municipal water supplier's standard approach to disinfection, and it performs the same function for well owners.

In addition, chlorine is a powerful and effective oxidizer that can be used to treat common well problems like iron and hydrogen sulfide. Typical well treatment involves chlorinating the water then following with filtration. The most commonly used filter medium is carbon, which not only removes the chlorine and makes the water more healthful and aesthetically pleasing, but also filters out oxidized iron, sulfur, iron bacteria, and particulate matter.

Dry pellet chlorinators offer several advantages over liquid chlorine-feed systems. They're very easy to install, they are trouble-free, and they usually require no retention tank. They free you of the messy and unpleasant job of chlorine solution preparation. You are assured consistent chlorine delivery without concerns for evaporation or freezing. Chlorine pellets are dry, clean, and concentrated. A single 3.5 pound container will usually treat the water supply of a family of four for several months. Since they do the job inside the well where the problem is, the whole well and pump system stay clean and problem-free.

We offer the best dry-pellet dispenser on the market, the very popular Well Pro system. It comes in four models — all priced identically. You need to know only if your well pump uses 115 volts or 220 volts and to decide if you want the “interrupter” feature which shuts the Well Pro system down any time the well pump runs over fifteen minutes. This is a safety feature to avoid over chlorination, and it is recommended in most cases. Almost all our Well Pro sales are 220-volt units with interrupter.

Operation of the chlorinator is simple. The unit is wired into your well pump's electrical supply so that it runs while the pump runs and shuts off when the pump shuts off. As it runs, it drops one to three (adjustable) small chlorine pellets into the well per minute. The highly concentrated pellets sink into the well and dissolve slowly, killing bacteria and cleaning up iron and sulfide problems. When the water leaves the well, it passes through a backwashing filter (usually carbon) for removal of oxidized particles and final polish. If a carbon filter is used, the chlorine will also be removed, so that the water that enters the home will be very clean and chlorine-free.

Pictured below is a typical home installation. You may or may not need a water softener (or a retention tank, for that matter), but you do need a carbon post-filter with a dry pellet system. The carbon filter captures the oxidized contaminants and removes the chlorine from the water before it enters the home. The filter can be by-passed occasionally to allow chlorinated water into the home to clean out appliances and water lines. (Diagram is not drawn to scale)

Chlorine Tablets

Sold only in cases of nine 3.5 lb. bottles. For most users, a case of pellets is more than a year's supply. (Pellets can only be sold by the case because of federal hazardous materials rules.)

Part # dc008

Explanation : UPS will ship only full cases of pellets and charges a significant hazardous materials surcharge. (We pay shipping, which is usually about ¼ of the price of a full case of pellets, so keep that in mind if you're comparing prices.) We regret that stricter shipping regulations no longer permit us to ship single bottles of pellets.

Note : Chlorine Pellets are not returnable due to hazardous shipping rules. Well Pro dry pellet chlorinators are returnable under our standard return policy, but pellets can't be returned.

Related Product — Well Safe Sanitizer Pack

Contains six specially prepared packs for the manual chlorination of wells. Each pack contains enough chlorine for several treatments of most wells. Full well sanitizing instructions are included. NSF Certified. Note: Well Safe pellets are not compatible with Well Pro pellet dropper.

Part # dc900

Parts for Well Pro Dry Pellet Chlorinators

Well Pro Modules, Pellet Plate Assembly and
Connector Assembly Adapter

In addition to pellets, we stock the most commonly needed Well Pro parts. Note that the Well Pro Module contains a new pellet plate, so you do not need to order both. Please refer to pages 14 and 15 of the Well Pro manual to identify other parts.

The parts listed below are in stock and ready to ship. We can supply additional parts, but there may be a lead time of a week or two. Please call if there are questions.


Replacement Power Module for 110 volt Well Pro units with interrupter.

Part # dc005

Replacement Power Module for 230 volt WellPro units with interrupter.

Part # dc006

Connector Assembly Adapter for Well Pro Units. This wiring adapter for the power module fits all Well Pro units. (This part is not included with a replacement power module.)

Part # dc007

Fits all Well Pro units. (This part is included with a replacement power module.)

Part # dc010

Fits all Well Pro units. (This part is included with a replacement power module.)

Part # dc012

Fits all Well Pro units. (This part is included with a replacement power module.)

Part # dc011

Fits all Well Pro units. (This part is included with a replacement power module.)

Part # dc014

Note : We also sell liquid chlorine feeder equipment on this site. Please go here for information.

If you need water testing for iron or H2S removal, Pure Water Products does basic testing at no charge. If you'd like to, send us a sample.

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