Pentek CBU-10 / Pura EPCB 0.5 Micron

Pentek CBU-10 / Pura EPCB 0.5 Micron
part# fc800

High quality sub-micron extended pass carbon block filtration for Pura brand undersink UV1 & UVB ultraviolet units.

Made for Pura ultraviolet undersink units, although it can be used with any standard housing. It is a tight carbon block with a built-in channeling sleeve to enhance UV performance.

Cartridge Details

manufacturer: Pentek
manufacturer's part# 15527143
micron rating:
  • Nominal 0.5
media: Activated Carbon
cartridge capacity: 5,00 gallons @ 1.0 gpm
flow direction: Radial
recommended change: 1 Year

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