Countertop Water Filter Replacement Parts


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Parts for all standard countertop water filters, including spouts, diverter valves, spout and tube elbows, o-rings, tubing, faucet adapters, and more.

Parts on this page are those used on our world famous, often imitated but never equaled Model 77 Countertop, “the world's greatest $77 water filter.”

The spouts, diverter valves, and tube and spout connecting elbows are all American-made by our favorite small parts maker, QMP of California.

Tube connections are made with compression fittings, so it's easy to replace parts on your current unit, even if the tube connections on your non-Model 77 countertop are made with clamps or barbed fittings. To install parts on your countertop filter with 1/4" tubing, simply cut the tube squarely, back the nut from the fitting onto your tube, work the end of the tube over the barb, and screw on the nut. You have a tight compression fitting that won't leak. No tools needed except scissors to cut the tube.

If you have trouble identifying the parts on your countertop, or if you aren't sure our part will work for you, please call or email for advice.

Standard Model 77 Countertop Filter

  1. Standard Stainless Steel Spout

  2. “King” Style countertop housing

  3. Spout Elbow (attaches the spout to the housing)

  4. Tube Elbow (attaches the tube to the housing)

  5. 3 feet of Countertop Tubing

  6. Compression-attached Diverter Valve

Filter Housings

Our favorite countertop housing. Easy to screw apart for filter changes. This housing is strong enough for undersink service if you decide to convert it.

Part # fh009

Diverter Valves

Connects to tubing with 1/4" compression fitting. This is an easy-action top quality valve, made for years of service.

Part # cp502

Connects to tubing with 1/4" compression fitting. A high quality alternative to the Standard Diverter Valve with a manual, smooth-action toggle switch. Because this valve is not spring-loaded, the countertop filter can be operated at reduced flow rates ideal for precision flow-control.

Part # cp503

Connects to tubing with one 1/4" compression fitting and one 1/4" barbed tube connector. Used on “return” style units which have no dispensing spout. Water enters the valve, passes through the filter, and returns to the valve from which it is dispensed into your container.

Part # cp501

Stainless Steel Spouts and Spout Elbows

Stainless steel, with tip, and double o-ring connection. The long-reach spout reaches further over the sink than the standard spout, making it easier to fill bottles and cooking vessels. The double o-ring connector simply pushes into the spout elbow.

Part # cp010

Stainless steel, with tip and double o-ring connection. The double o-ring connector simply pushes into the spout elbow. This style spout is often called a “goose neck” spout.

Part # cp001

Connects the spout to the filter housing. The double o-ring spout simply pushes into the spout elbow.

Part # cp003

Tubing and Tube Elbows

Strong but very flexible vinyl tubing, for countertop use only. Not designed for high pressure use or use with quick-connect fittings. To order multiple feet, change quantity in shopping cart. (Three feet is plenty for most countertop filters.)

Part # tb003

Connects the vinyl inlet tubing to the filter housing with a simple compression fitting. No tools necessary for installation.

Part # cp002


Fits standard Flowmatic filter housings for 2.5" width cartridges. Used in our Countertop Filters, Undersink Filters, Reverse Osmosis units, and standard sized Garden Hose Filters.

Part # or001

Miscellaneous Parts

Standard two pack of metal adapters for female threaded faucets. Sizes included are 13/16" X 27 thread, and 15/16" X 27 thread.

Part # cp004

1/4" NPT male threading. Joins two filter housings (e.g., can be used to create a double filter from a single filter.) This is a high quality QMP nipple with o-ring seals to prevent leaks.

Part # cp008

A solid plastic spanner wrench for opening and tightly closing Flowmatic 2.5" X 9.75" filter housings. Fits our Countertop Filters, Undersink Filters, Reverse Osmosis Units, and Pura UV1 units.

Part # wr001

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