Stainless Steel Whole House Filtration Systems

Height at highest point: 31"
Diameter at widest point: 10".

Whole House Water Filter
for Chlorine or Sediment Removal

This exceptionally tough and versatile stainless steel filter vessel is perfectly sized for residential or light industrial applications. Economical to maintain, it uses four standard 2.5" x 20" cartridges and is ideal for either sediment filtration or chemical/chlorine removal.

With sediment cartridges, it can support very high flow rates. With carbon block cartridges, it provides long-term chlorine/chemical removal and relatively high flow rates.

Constructed of 100% stainless steel (#316L), it will withstand pressures of up to 150 psi and temperatures to 250 degrees (housing only — most cartridges limit temperatures severely, although we can supply high temperature sediment cartridges).

The top plate that holds the cartridges is adjustable, which adds versatility and allows the use of eight 9.75" inch cartridges rather than four 20" cartridges, if desired.

With the convenient clamp band (see picture below), changing cartridges couldn't be easier.

Large 2" in and out ports allow for installation on virtually any residential system.

Separate drains (1/2") are provided for both unfiltered and filtered water chambers.

Standard Unit

Part # wh500
Stainless Steel 4-Cartridge Whole House Filter

Complete unit, without filter cartridges.

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Part # mb400
Stainless Steel Mounting Tabs

Not required, but they raise the unit off the ground and provide a stable installation. Compete with bolts, screws and washers. All stainless steel.

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Premium Unit

Part # wh501
Premium Stainless Steel 4-Cartridge Whole House Filter

Premium unit features heavy duty legs (taller and stronger than mounting tabs) and factory-installed pressure gauges on both in and out ports. The dual pressure gauge arrangement provides an objective and easy way to determine when cartridges need replacement. (Cartridges sold separately.)

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You will also need to select cartridges from either the commonly used list below, or our Cartridge Menu.

Commonly Used Cartridges

Note: This unit will accept any radial 2.5" X 20" filter cartridge from our cartridge menu. It will not work with axial cartridges. Radial cartridges are identified by a central hole that extends through the cartridge—most carbon blocks and sediment cartridges are radial.

Volume Discount

Each of the cartridges below are offered with a volume discount of 10% off for two, or 15% off for three or more.

A free-flowing but very effective carbon block. A versatile and inexpensive filter that works anywhere carbon filtration is needed.

Part # fc203

Amazing 45,000 gallon chlorine capacity and great chemical removal properties. Our most popular cartridge.(Formerly MatriKX +1.)

Part # fc201

Coconut shell carbon block for VOC reduction, taste and odor improvement, and general chemical reduction at a high flow rate.

Part # fc215
MatriKX ChloraGuard™
Chloramine Carbon Block Cartridge

A coconut shell catalytic carbon block filter for chlorine, chloramine, and general chemical reduction.

Part # fc217
(Call to order.)

Our most popular depth filter, for normal sediment applications.

Part # fc256

A popular surface filter for normal sediment applications.

Part # fc254

Sediment cartridges with higher micron ratings are available on our cartridge menu.

View from the top shows the four stainless steel rods that hold the filter cartridges.

The standard cartridge load is four 2.5" X 20", but the unit has enough flexibility to allow use of eight 2.5" X 9.75" (standard drinking water size cartridges) if desired.

The vessel is held together by a single heavy-duty clamp, making cartridge replacement quick and easy.

Local installation by Sawyer Plumbing of Denton.

This is the premium unit with legs and gauges. Pressure gauges offer an objective method of determining when filter cartridges need replacement.

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