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For a typical residential-sized filter, you may prefer to order from our Fleck 5600 Filter page.

It offers a simple one-size (10" X 56" mineral tank), one-valve (Fleck 5600) filter that includes shipping in the price.

We also offer control valves and mineral tanks separately, if you're looking for replacement parts.

Pure Water Products does basic water testing at no charge.

If you'd like, send us a sample.

The products shown on this page are filters, not water softeners. They do not require salt or chemicals. They all use an appropriately sized Fleck control valve. All have automatic timer control and all require a standard 115-volt electrical connection.

A backwashing filter is a simple device. It consists mainly of a large tank filled with a filtering agent, called a medium, that performs a specific change in water that passes through it. Depending upon the chosen medium, and sometimes the pretreatment, the filter may remove chlorine from city water, sediment particles from dirty well water, smelly hydrogen sulfide gas, iron, or other objectionable elements.

When the filter medium becomes saturated with the substance it is treating, a specially designed control valve reverses the flow of water and “backwashes” the filter medium to renew it. A more complete discussion of how backwashing filters work.

All filters on this page are complete. They include the filter valve specified, a steel bypass valve, a polyglass mineral tank, and a basket distributor with riser tube. Everything you need aside from filter media.

A complete filter consists of the basic backwashing filter, and the filter media (the stuff that goes in the filter and performs the magic). You'll need an item from both categories for a complete filter.

Basic Backwashing Filter Menu

Prices listed below do not include filter media. Prices do include steel bypass, funnel and drain tubing, as well as shipping to Continental U.S.

Fleck 5600 Filters

Part # bw100
Price: $399.00

Fleck 2510 Filters

Part # bw101
Fleck 2510 Backwashing Filter with 12" X 52" Tank
(Call to order.)
Price: $575.00
Part # bw200
Price: $668.00

Fleck 2750 Filters

Note: The Fleck 2750 valve does not include a bypass. If a bypass is desired, it should be devised by the installer using standard plumbing valves. Call for information.

Filter Media for the Filters Listed Above

Prices Include Shipping. Keep in mind that filter media is heavy if you are comparing prices. Media below are priced for shipment in UPS Boxes. If ordering in larger quantities, savings can be considerable if you buy in bags and take shipment by freight. Please call for details: (888) 382-3814.

Bituminous Coal Activated Carbon

Bituminous Coal Activated Carbon
Bituminous Coal Activated Carbon
Excellent general grade carbon with good flow properties.
Part # fm208
Part # fm108
Part # fm008

Coconut Shell Carbon

Coconut Shell Carbon
Coconut Shell Carbon
Better at general chlorine, chlorinated solvent, and VOC removal than standard activated carbon, but not as effective with heavier organics.
Part # fm205
Part # fm105
Part # fm005

Centaur Catalytic Carbon

Centaur Catalytic Carbon
Centaur Catalytic Carbon
A specially processed carbon designed for removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide. Outstanding for removal of chloramines and VOC as well as taste/odor improvement.
Part # fm203
Part # fm103
Part # fm003

Jacobi Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon

Jacobi Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon
Jacobi Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon
For removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide and chloramine. Coconut shell carbon is ideal for VOC removal.
Part # fm072
Part # fm071
Part # fm070


Removes dissolved iron and manganese (subject to sufficient dissolved oxygen and pH above 6.8). No chemicals needed for regeneration. Go here for more details.
Part # fm201
Part # fm101
Part # fm001

Filter Ag

Filter Ag
Filter Ag
A very useful and efficient medium for the removal of suspended matter and particles. Can remove iron with proper oxidization.
Part # fm207
Part # fm107
Part # fm007


For increasing the pH of acidic water. Calcite dissolves as acidic water passes through and must be replaced as it dissolves. Unless it is used in an upflow filter, it must be backwashed.

Part # fm002

Corosex / FloMag

Corosex / FloMag
Corosex / FloMag
Like Calcite, Corosex (granular magnesium oxide — also marketed as FloMag) is used to raise the pH of acidic waters. It supports higher flow rates and gives a greater increase in pH, but it tends to “cement” in hard water and when it is mixed at a ratio higher than 50% with calcite.


Superb iron and hydrogen sulfide medium. Can be used independently or after any standard oxidizer. Chlorine tolerant, works well with aeration. Outlasts birm and greensand. A dense medium; approximately 6 gpm of service flow per cubic foot. Sold in 1/2 cubic foot boxes only. Go here for our series of Fleck 2510 filters with Filox.
Part # fm027

Katalox Light

Katalox Light
Katalox Light
Katalox Light is a versitile medium for the treatment of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. It's lighter than Filox, and requires significantly less backwash. It can also provide sediment filtration down to 3 microns, and can reduce arsenic, zinc, copper, radium and uranium. NSF & WQA certified.
Part # fm045
Part # fm046

Zeolite / Micro-Z

Zeolite / Micro-Z
Zeolite / Micro-Z
Zeolite is an excellent sediment filtration medium that backwashes much more easily than multimedia (sand, anthracite, etc) sediment filters. Filters down to less than 5 microns.
Part # fm204
Part # fm104
Part # fm004


OneFlow / ScaleNet
OneFlow / ScaleNet
Scale prevention medium. Eliminates scale problems without salt, electricity, or the upkeep hassle of water softeners. Sold per liter. Go here for more details and complete scale prevention systems.
Part # fm306
Part # fm307


Widely used for reduction of free chlorine and heavy metals. Adds life to carbon filters, serves as a mild bacteriostatic agent to retard bacteria growth in filter beds, and acts to prevent scale buildup. Extremely heavy (170 lbs. per square foot) and difficult to backwash.
Part # fm023
Part # fm024


Widely used for reduction of iron and hydrogen sulfide. Extremely heavy and difficult to backwash in large beds.
Part # fm029
Part # fm030

Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina
Activated Alumina
14 X 28 mesh Activated Alumina. For removal of arsenic, fluoride, selenium, silica and humic acids. NSF 61 Certified drinking water grade.
Part # fm036
Part # fm035

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