Replacement Cartridge Packs


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Pre-made replacement cartridge packs for our popular undersink & Reverse Osmosis systems.

Please contact us if you need help choosing the correct replacement filters.

Standard Cartridge Refill Pack for 3 Stage Black and White RO Units. Includes pre and post carbon block filters (MatriKX CTO and MatriKX CTO Plus) plus service instructions for the Black and White unit


Carbon Block


  • Absolute 2

  • Absolute 10


  • Activated Carbon

Part # fc114

Economy RO Filter Pack Replacement filters for Flomatic/Watts Economy RO unit. Includes CTO carbon block prefilter, granular carbon post filter and 5 micron sediment filter.


  • Activated Carbon

  • String Wound

Part # fc999

Replacement cartridges for Enhanced Performance Fluoride Filter. Includes two Activated Alumina Cartridges, MatriKX CTO+ and an inline GAC/KDF cartridge with fittings.


  • Activated Alumina

  • Activated Carbon

  • KDF 55

Part # fc499

Replacement Filter pack for “Classic” Enhanced Performance Fluoride Filter produced prior to November 2014. Contains AAL Fluoride Cartridge, PB-1 Carbon Block and KX-CTO+ Carbon Block.


  • Activated Alumina

  • Activated Carbon

  • Lead Removal Resin

Part # fc998

Cartridge Packs for our Q Series Reverse Osmosis Units

Includes one FC902 and service instructions.

See our discussion of Q Series “cartridge logic” for more info.

Part # fc908
Part # fc907

Includes FC902, FC904 and service instructions.

See our discussion of Q Series “cartridge logic” for more info.

Part # fc910
Part # fc909

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