Q Series 12" Coconut Shell

Q Series 12" Coconut Shell
part# fc902

A granular coconut shell carbon filter for chlorine and chemical reduction. This is the standard post-filter for a Q Series reverse osmosis unit.

Coconut shell carbon is know as a superior VOC reducer as well as a producer of especially good tasting water. Works great with reverse osmosis units or as a refrigerator filter. This is the standard filter for our Q 36 RO units, though many other cartridges on this page can be substituted. Manufacturer’s Recommended Life: 2500 gallons or 1 year. Suggested Use: RO pre or post filter, undersink filters, refrigerator filters.

Cartridge Details

manufacturer: Omnipure
manufacturer's part# Q5640
media: Coconut Shell Carbon
flow direction: Axial
recommended change: 1 Year

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