Reasons Why Model 77 is the
“World's Greatest $77 Water Filter.”


At least $30 to $40 less than comparable units. (Ours isn't the cheapest on the market. You may find a lower-priced version in a mail order catalog or a discount store. But when you consider the quality of the product and the unlimited support, we've got the best price anywhere.)

Economy of Operation

After you own the unit, with the standard cartridge it costs about 3 cents per gallon to produce safe and delicious drinking water!


Model 77 is made with the best parts on the market, including Flowmatic filter vessels, QMP diverter valve and accessory parts, and MatriKX extruded carbon block filter cartridges. Model 77 uses replaceable filter cartridges, unlike many of the aggressively marketed wonder filters on the market that must be thrown away when the filter medium is used up or when a part breaks.


We offer a wide variety of filter cartridges that allow you to select filters that remove specific contaminants like chloramine, lead, fluoride, and bacterial cysts. We also offer two choices in spout styles.


Most countertop filters are sold as a one-shot deal. When something breaks, you throw the unit away and get another one. We stock all parts and have designed the unit for easy replacement without special tools. It's a simple device that's easy to maintain, and there's no reason it won't last a lifetime. We sell countertop parts (we know of no other company that does) on our countertop parts page. Parts are free if you buy the unit from us —either on this website or the other. Read on to find out why.


Our practice since we started selling Model 77 has been to replace parts that break regardless of the age of the unit. You don't have to fill out a form or even return the defective part; just call and we'll send a replacement without charge. You can easily replace the part yourself without tools. The warranty covers everything but the filter cartridge(s). (In case you're curious, we don't offer free parts replacement because we're altruistic. We caught on some time ago that if the filter is in operation, people buy replacement cartridges. We love selling replacement cartridges.)

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