Cyanazine (Bladex)

Cyanazine (formerly marketed under the trade name Bladex) is an herbicide used to treat broad-leaf and grassy weeds. It was widely used on corn and other vegetable crops prior to a voluntary phase-out in 2000.

Cyanazine is persistant in water, and has been found in trace amounts in both ground and surface waters in the United States. It may arrive in drinking water through banned pesticide use.

Health Effects of Cyanazine

Cyanazine is moderately toxic with acute exposure, causing eye and skin irritation. Long term exposure has shown changes in eating habits and the liver, and caused birth defects in animals exposed to large amounts.

According to a report from the Environmental Working Group, it is “essentially atrazine with cyanide attached to it.” Like atrazine, it is a possible human carcinogen, having caused tumors in rats but not in mice.

Water Treatment for Cyanazine

According to the World Health Organization, cyanazine may be treated with granular activated carbon (GAC).

Sources: EWG, WHO, EXTOXNET, Photo:, author: Walter Baxter

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