RO Tank, White Metal - 11.5" Diameter X 13.5" Height

RO Tank, White Metal - 11.5" Diameter X 13.5" Height
part# ta005

“4-Gallon” metal reverse osmosis storage tank. This is a standard-sized undersink tank. It is 11.5" in diameter by 14.5" from the floor to the top of the valve.

This size tank is called 4 or 3.2 gallon by most manufacturers. In our tests, it holds about 2.5 gallons. See explanation here. This tank comes with an optional stand and it can be side mounted if desired. It stands on its bottom fine—in fact, it's more stable without the stand.

Product Options

Tanks are sold as replacement parts, and do not by default include a tank valve. If you're replacing an existing tank, your old tank valve will probably work. If you want a new valve, please select 1/4" or 3/8" to match your tubing.

Price: 75.00

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