10" Inline GAC / Calcite
(1/4" Jaco Fittings)

10" Inline GAC / Calcite<br> (1/4" Jaco Fittings)
(pictured with female threads, shipped with jaco compression fittings installed)
part# if119

A 10" granular cartridge for raising the pH of acidic water to neutral, along with chlorine/chemical reduction and taste/odor improvement, with 1/4" Jaco fittings.

GAC/Calcite is a mixture of calcite and coconut shell carbon intended for the remineralization of soft, acidic, or low pH water. Great taste/odor cartridge for use as reverse osmosis postfilter, coffee and tea brewers, distillers, and other water dispensing appliances. Calcite is a natural mineral which dissolves in acidic water to raise its pH to neutral.

Cartridge Details

manufacturer's part# GS-10 CAL/RO
media: Coconut Shell Carbon, Calcite

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