Garden Hose Water Softener


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Although it’s less than two feet tall, this water softener is capable of softening hundreds of gallons of water before it needs regeneration.

These compact water softeners are designed for daily use, softening all water that enters recreational vehicles and mobile homes, but their portability and ease of use makes them a versatile, high-capacity solution for a wide range of applications such as washing cars, washing windows, rinsing solar panels — any application where hard water causes scale buildup or spotting.

A garden hose water softener is very easy to use, requires no installation and no special tools or skills for operation. It connects quickly to any standard garden hose or washer hose, and is regenerated with ordinary table salt.

Softening Capacity:

10,000 Grains. (That’s about 1,400 gallons of moderately hard water, or 700 gallons if you live in San Antonio, TX.)


Less than 2 feet tall. Easy to store and easy to move from place to place, even when it’s full of water.

Flow Rate:

3 gallons per minute; best results at 2 gpm. Works with pressure washers.


Regenerates with two pounds of regular table salt. No chemicals required. Regeneration is controlled by a flow restrictor to eliminate guess work.


One year warranty on unit, ten year warranty on mineral tank.

Here are some highlights:

  • Instant soft water anywhere there’s a garden hose.

  • No complex setup. No electricity. No connection to drain. Arrives ready to use with any standard garden hose or washer hose.

  • Hardness test kit included to let you know when it’s time to regenerate.

  • No meter, no setup hassles, no counting of gallons, no “sizing” problems. Works on any potable water source.

  • Excellent instructions for setup and service.

  • Made in USA. Replacement parts are readily available.

Garden Hose Water Softener

Garden Hose Softener with 1/3 Cubic Foot Softener Resin, Hardness Test Kit and Installation Instructions

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