Installing an Auto-Shutoff to a
Reverse Osmosis Unit with an Existing Permeate Pump

To add a shutoff system to your reverse osmosis unit that has a permeate pump but no shutoff valve:

  1. Remove the tube that runs from your prefilter to the inlet of the membrane (the end that has only one tube going in) and plug it into the “In” port of the shutoff valve.
  2. Run a new tube from the “Out” of the shutoff valve to the inlet of the membrane.
  3. Remove the existing tube from the “Permeate In” port of the pump and install it into either of the empty ports in the shutoff valve.
  4. Run a new tube from the remaining empty port of the Shutoff Valve to the “Permeate In” port of the pump.
  5. Restart the unit. If the pump clicks or thumps as before, you've got it right.

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