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Pentair GRO Membrane Replacement Instructions

Replacing the Pentair GRO membrane is a simple process of disconnecting the three tubes from the old membrane and connecting them to the same ports on the new membrane.

  1. Close inlet water valve and storage tank valve. Open dispenser faucet and confirm that there is no water coming from the faucet.

  2. Figure A

    Disconnect the three tubing connections from the membrane. To disconnect a tube, press in on the small ring (the “collet”) of the fitting and pull out the tube.

    Some systems may have “plug-in” swivel elbow fittings installed — for these, leave the tubing attached to the fitting, and disconnect the fitting itself from the membrane.

  3. Figure B

    Lift the disconnected tubing, auto shut off valve and clip off of the membrane and remove the old membrane from the mounting clips. (See Figure B.)

  4. Using gentle pressure, install new membrane in mounting clips on base of RO unit. Then, clip auto shutoff valve onto new membrane.

  5. Plug inlet, drain and permeate connections into new membrane.

  6. Turn on inlet water valve and tank valve. Flush membrane with 2 to 3 full tanks of water before use.

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