2510 Valve Installation Addendum

Installation Note

Programming this valve is very easy. Everything has been done except setting the time of day and choosing the days when it will backwash.

  1. Set the time of day by pressing the red button on the face of the valve then setting the time (the actual time it is when you plug in the control) on the large wheel. If your watch says 3:30 PM, set the wheel to 3:30 PM.

  2. Set the backwash days by pulling out a pin on the wheel at the extreme right on the face of the valve. There are 12 days. We suggest that you pull out number 12 only if the water is relatively clean and water use is normal or low. Pull out numbers 6 and 12 if the water has considerable particulate (sand or rust, for example), or if water use is heavy.

If you want to begin a backwash cycle manually, follow the instructions on the face of the valve.

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