Annual Service for your
Enhanced Undersink Fluoride Filter

To service the unit, turn off the inlet water with the blue-handled inlet valve. Then, open the ledge faucet and leave it open while you service the unit. If no water is coming out of the open faucet, you know you have the water off and it's safe to open the filter canisters.

Using the wrench that comes with the unit, open the three vertical filter housings and replace the cartridges. Here's where they go:

  1. Left and center vertical white cannisters: Fluoride media cartridges.

    Important: One end of the cartridge has a round black rubber gasket. This end must face up, toward the cap.

  2. Right Vertical Cannister: Carbon Block Cartridge. Up and down don't matter with this cartridge.

  3. Horizontal Filter: Coconut Shell Carbon/KDF Inline Filter. Observe the orientation before removing the two tubes from the cannister. Remove the tubes by pressing in on the small collet (the part that touches the tube) while pulling out on the tube. Snap the filter out of the clips, and replace it with the new filter. Push the tubes into the fittings of the new filter. Be sure to position the filter so that tubes are not crimped.

Leaving the faucet open, turn the inlet water back on. After a couple of minutes, water will come from the faucet. Rinse the filters thoroughly — at least 5 minutes — and look for leaks.

Do not hesitate to call us if there is a problem or if you have a question.

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