Converting your Model 77 to an Undersink Filter

  1. Remove the spout elbow and the inlet elbow from the base of your countertop housing. Install in their place the two John Guest connectors supplied.

  2. Install a faucet and an inlet valve as shown in the instructions enclosed.

  3. This filter will not need a bracket. It will stand on its base as it did as a countertop filter.

  4. Consult the flow direction indicators on the bottom of the filter base and insert the tube from the faucet in the “Out” port and the tube from the inlet valve in the “In” port.

When all connections are made and secure, lock the ledge faucet in open position by pulling up the handle, or simply turning it on if it's a “quarter turn” faucet, and let water into the unit following the instructions for the inlet valve. If the filter cartridge is new, rinse well before drinking by allowing water to run for three or four minutes through the open faucet.

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