Cleaning Procedures for AP1 & AP2 Models

The following are instructions on how to clean the intake and outlet valve on the valve plate when dirty valves cause low pressure.

Supplies Needed:

  • Steel Wool
  • Soft Brush (similar to a toothbrush or paint brush) or Air Compressor
  • Blue Thread Lock Compound
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Torque Wrench
  • Nut Driver


  1. Remove head bolts with torque wrench then nut driver.

  2. Remove head and head gasket.

  3. Clean any debris from inside of head with steel wool and/or soft brush or blow off with compressor.

  4. Brush or blow debris off of valve plate.

  5. Important : Note orientation of intake valve & notch in the valve retainer before removing.

  6. Remove retainer screw & retainer to release intake valve.

  7. Clean valve with steel wool.

  8. Make sure valve & valve plate are free of dust particles.

  9. Place intake valve on valve plate covering hole with bend in valve bending upwards.

  10. Place retainer on top of intake valve.

  11. Add one drop of thread lock compound to screw tip and carefully screw in while holding plate in position.

  12. Remove screw & limiter to release outlet valve.

  13. Clean valve with steel wool.

  14. Place outlet valve and limiter on valve plate. Place head gasket on valve plate to help gauge the proper position of the outlet valve and limiter.

  15. Add one drop of thread lock compound to screw tip and carefully screw in while holding limiter in position

  16. Place valve plate on cylinder. Place head gasket and head on valve plate.

  17. Install and snug head bolts and then torque to 80 inch pounds.

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