Installing the R/O Pal
with Built in Mur-lok Fitting

(For use on cold water only.)

  1. Shut off main water supply and drain water lines below level where the R/O Pal is to be installed.

  2. Pipe or tubing must be rigid.

  3. Select smooth, even surface for cut.

  4. Cut section of pipe where the R/O Pal will be installed.

  5. Remove all burrs from pipe using sandcloth.

  6. Slide narrow end of nut onto pipe, inside threaded end facing the tee.

  7. Slide flat side of grab ring toward nut.

  8. Push wide end of cone toward grab ring. Make sure narrow portion of cone has 1/4" to 1/2" of pipe exposed. If cone slides on with difficulty, apply a SMALL amount of DOW III Silicone lubricant to the end of the pipe.

  9. Slide nut and grab ring towards cone and hand tighten onto tee.

  10. Install other nut in same manner as steps 5 through 8.

  11. Insert plastic tubing, all the way into Mur-lok fitting.

  12. Turn on water supply.

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