CDP 6800 Series Low Flow Booster Pump

Distinguishing Features

  • Toughest, most durable pump on market
  • Adjustable max. outlet psi (regardless of feed pressure)
  • Expels trapped air (no more air locks)
  • Can be mounted w/pump head up or down
  • More flow at extremely low inlet pressures
  • New motor venting system to remove moisture
  • EMI/RFI electronic noise suppression
  • 100% final performance tested.

Key Operating Benefits

  • Boosts pressure 40 to 120 psi (adjustable)
  • Fixed pressure to 160 psi
  • Up to 30,000+ operating hours
  • Whisper quiet — less than 45 DBA
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Self-priming — 60" lift
  • Low voltage (12-24V) for maximum safety
  • Corrosion resistant exterior
  • Continuous or intermittent operation

Technical Specifications

OPERATION: The 6800 is designed to operate with a PSW Tank Shut-Off Switch for hydro-pneumatic storage systems. The PSW, when used with a typical under-counter R.O. system, can be augmented with an ESO Electronic Shut-Off Valve. It is also compatible with most hydraulic shut-off valves. For counter-top systems, Aquatec's TLC Tank Level Control Switch Valve shut off feed water and the pump when the product water storage tank is full.

POWER: Pumps operate with low energy (only 14 watts), low voltage (12-24 volt) motors, powered with compatible transformers with world wide primary voltages available (100 VAC, 120 VAC, 230 VAC). Transformers are optional and must be ordered in addition to the pump.

MOUNTING PLATES: The "flexible or steel" base plates are included at no extra cost. The "Universal" base plate P/N 51-104 is available optionally at additional cost.

FITTINGS: Built-in 1/4" John Guest half cartridge fittings eliminate need for external fittings (unless elbows are required); 1/4" Jaco straight, 1/4" Jaco elbow fittings, or 8mm stem adapters for metric tubing are optionaly available.

INSTALLATION: The location and positioning of the pump may affect its' performance. Always consult the factory for recommendations that will optimize your system.

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