Softener vs. Watts OneFlow® / Scalenet

  Conventional Water Softener Watts Scale Prevention System
Requires Salt Yes No
Requires Drain Connection Yes No
Requires Electrical Connection Yes No
Prevents Scale Formation in Pipes and Appliances Yes Yes
Uses water for backwashing Yes No
Requires an Electric Control Valve Yes No
Number of Tanks Required 2 (or more) 1
Removes Chlorine No No
Removes Iron Yes (a limited amount) No
Removes Calcium and Magnesium Yes No
Chlorine Tolerant Somewhat Somewhat
Expected Media life when used with chlorine-free water 10 years 3 years
Adds Sodium to Water Yes No
Recommended maximum hardness for standard unit Many variables to consider, but higher than alternative unit 75 grains per gallon (with standard media load)
Life expectancy of the unit other than the media Several Years Many, many years.  (No moving parts, nothing to wear out.)
Reduces previously existing scale buildup No Yes
Requires cleaning and chemical additives Sometimes No
Extends the life of reverse osmosis units downstream Yes Probably

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