Aeration and pH: How pH Affects the Treatment of H2S

Here is a quotation from a publication of Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The subject is removal of H2S by aeration:

Aeration is accomplished by spraying water into a ventilated storage tank. The H2S is gas separated from the water as it is sprayed and drawn off as a gas by the ventilation system. Aeration will remove most of the H2S but chlorination may still be necessary. Some sulphide odors will remain due to the high pH of most Alberta waters. The lower the pH the better this system will work. A second pressure system is required to pump the water from the storage tank into the distribution system. Although they are not intended for the job, some aeration type iron filters have been used to successfully remove small amounts of H2S. There must be a much higher level of iron than H2S in the water for this to work successfully. (For the full article, go here.)

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