Compact Whole House Filters

Filter housing dimensions are 23.5" tall and 7.25" diameter at the top. When mounted on the bracket, the unit extends about 9" from the wall.

For more information about flow rate capacity for these units, and for increased flow rate suggestions, read this short article.

Efficient, inexpensive whole house cartridge filters for sediment and chlorine/chemical reduction.

Our compact series cartridge-style point-of-entry systems are highly effective, easily maintained units designed to filter all water entering homes, small businesses, and restaurants.

They come in the following three styles:

  • Sediment Filtration (Style A) : Particulate filtration down to 5 microns. Removes sand, rust and other sediment to produce more aesthetically pleasing water. Especially applicable to wells. Uses a high quality 5-micron wound string cartridge.

  • Carbon Block Filtration (Style B) : Carbon block filtration down to nominal 5 microns. Removes chlorine and general chemical contaminants while providing clearer, better tasting water. Most often used on chlorinated city water.

    It uses the top quality MatriKX CTO extruded carbon block cartridge, with eight times the filtration capacity of a drinking-water size cartridge. It provides long-term dechlorination of ordinary city tap water. For more information see the manufacturer's brochure.

  • Sediment and Carbon Block Filtration (Style C) : A double system that consists of one of each, Style A followed by Style B. This provides protection for the carbon cartridge from premature failure due to sediment blockage in high-sediment areas. It can be used on either city water systems or wells.

These are simple units that last indefinitely if protected from weather, needing only periodic cartridge change. The typical life of a carbon filter cartridge is about one year on chlorinated city water. A sediment filter's lifespan depends on the quality of the water, and it is changed when flow becomes noticeably slower. For both cartridges, replacement is easy with the included wrench.

Please specify 1" or 1.5" port size. You can write it into the “Comments” section of the shopping cart. If no preference is stated, 1" will be shipped.

Part # Description Price
WH101 Sediment Filtration (Style A): Includes a single housing, mounting bracket kit, wrench and a five micron sediment cartridge. $148.00 Add to Cart
WH102 Carbon Block Filtration (Style B): Includes a single housing, mounting bracket kit, wrench and a CTO carbon block cartridge. $178.00 Add to Cart
WH103 Sediment and Carbon Block Filtration (Style C): Includes two housings, mounting bracket kit, wrench, a five micron sediment cartridge and a CTO carbon block cartridge. $293.00 Add to Cart

Replacement Cartridges

New units contain a cartridge, so you won't need one for awhile, but if you want to order a replacement:

Part # Description Price
FC453 5-micron String-Wound Sediment Cartridge (Styles A & C) $28.00 Add to Cart
FC403 MatriKX CTO Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge (Styles B & C) $59.00 Add to Cart

These are standard-sized units, so there are many optional cartridges available. Any cartridge in the 4.5" x 20" section of our cartridge menu fits these units.

Discount: A volume discount is offered on all of our replacement cartridges. 10% off when you buy two of the same cartridge, 15% off for three or more.

Replacement Parts

Part # Description Price

Superb Wrench, Size 8. The plastic wrench that comes with a new unit may break with frequent or heavy use. This zinc plated steel filter wrench offers a high quality, long-lasting replacement.

$25.00 Add to Cart
UV665 Housing O-ring. Fits 20" X 4.5" filter housing. $5.00 Add to Cart

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