Simple Undersink Filters

Single, Double, Triple and even Quadruple Filters that filter all the cold water at your sink and do not need a separate ledge faucet or inlet valve.

These are convenient, easy-to-install filters for those who do not wish to install a separate ledge faucet for purified water on their sink. They fit under the sink and filter all of the water that comes from a current cold-water faucet. They cost less than our standard undersink filters because the separate faucet and inlet valve are not needed. They are very easy to install. No holes to drill, no faucet or inlet valve to install.

Since installations vary considerably, no fittings are supplied. We'll leave the details to your plumber and local hardware store, or you can order the basic Cold Water Inlet Kit below. In most cases this will be all you need to install.

The standard system has 3/8" female ports, but we'll make it in 1/2" if you ask.

The unit comes in single, double, triple and quadruple versions, and all are bracket-mounted. The single unit should be wall mounted. The multi-housing versions will stand independently or can be hung from a wall.

Recommended Cartridges

Please note that these filtration units are sold without cartridges. Cartridges for the unit can be ordered from those suggested below, or from our complete Cartridge Menu. Any standard 9.75" X 2.5" cartridge will fit these units, but keep in mind that very tight cartridges, especially ceramics, don't lend themselves well to the higher flow rates of these freer flowing systems.

If you are in doubt about cartridge selection, please call or email for advice.

One bracket-mounted filter housing. Includes housing wrench. Filter cartridge and installation hardware sold separately.

Part # uf101

Two bracket-mounted filter housings. Includes housing wrench. Filter cartridges and installation hardware sold separately.

Part # uf102

Three bracket-mounted filter housings. Includes housing wrench. Filter cartridges and installation hardware sold separately.

Part # uf103

Four filter housings mounted on dual mounting brackets. Includes housing wrench. Filter cartridges and installation hardware sold separately.

Part # uf104

Installation Hardware

Kit includes a 24" braided stainless steel supply line (3/8" X 3/8" Female Compression) and two brass 3/8" Compression X 3/8" Male NPTF fittings. Used to connect a Simple Undersink Filter with an existing cold water faucet connector.

Part # iv200

Braided stainless steel supply line for connecting a cold water valve or a Simple Undersink Filter to a standard faucet stem with 1/2" connection.

Part # aa208

Suggested Cartridge List

Please call for advice if you're in doubt about cartridge selection.


Amazing 20,000 gallon chlorine capacity and great chemical removal properties. Our most popular cartridge. (Formerly MatriKX +1.)


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 0.6

  • Absolute 2


  • Activated Carbon

Part # fc001

A Pentek carbon block for chlorine, chloramine, and chemical reduction. Manufacturer rated for 2,500 gallons chloramine reduction at 0.5 gpm.


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 1


  • Powdered Activated Carbon

Part # fc027

High quality 0.5 micron carbon block drinking water filter. Rated for cyst removal and lead reduction, plus excellent taste/odor and chemical reduction properties. Not recommended for use in reverse osmosis units.


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 0.5

  • Absolute 1


  • Activated Carbon

  • Lead Removal Resin

Part # fc004

Coconut shell carbon block for VOC reduction, taste and odor improvement, and general chemical reduction at a high flow rate.


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 5


  • Coconut Shell Carbon

Part # fc037

A popular depth filter for normal sediment applications.




  • Nominal 5

Part # fc108

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