Filox Cartridge

Filox Cartridge
part# fc029

A granular Filox cartridge for iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide removal.

The cartridge contains 100% Filox, the most active and effective iron reduction filter medium available. Filox is also effective against hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odors. Filox also removes manganese. This cartridge is too small for whole house filtration and is intended for use in small drinking water filters and garden hose applications where iron content is low and slow service flow rates (1 gpm or less) are practical. Filox is a very dense medium, so it is subject to premature stop-ups in cartridge format. It is not practical to estimate a lifespan. Iron reduction is often a trial and error process. Filox has a wider pH range than Birm and can be used, theoretically, with pH readings as low as 5.0.

Cartridge Details

manufacturer: Pure Water Products
media: Filox
flow direction: Axial

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