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All filters come with the sturdy and reliable Fleck 2510 timer control. Any filter can be upgraded to an electronic SXT valve by choosing the upgrade option during checkout.

The electronic version offers ease and flexibility in programming. We highly recommend it, but if you prefer the mechanical timer, simply order the product without the upgrade.

All units in this series come standard with a 1" or 3/4" stainless steel bypass valve (your choice). This makes installation and service a snap.

Aer-Max, the best of closed-tank aeration treatments, does not “remove” contaminants from water but rather prepares them for easy removal by a filter. The filters on this page can be used as free-standing units, but they are especially effective for the reduction of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in the air-rich environment provided by pre-treatment with Aer-Max.

These tank-style backwashing filters are in residential sizes, and residential wells will usually supply enough water for backwashing them. Having sufficient well output to backwash the filter is essential. Iron/manganese filters will eventually fail without a strong, periodic backwash to keep them clean, so be sure you have enough water. If in doubt about your well's output, please do this test to confirm.

The “maximum service flow” and “backwash required” numbers given in the charts below are round-number estimates that are based on manufacturers' recommendations. Keep in mind, though, that variables like water temperature and general water quality can be significant (greater backwash flow is needed with warm water than with cold, for example).

In the real world, manufacturers' service flow limits are frequently violated, especially for stop and go service runs, but they should be taken very seriously for extended runs, as with irrigation. Be aware that the service flow limitation does not mean that water will not go through the filter faster; it just means that you'll get a better result and longer media life if you stay within the recommended service flow limit.

Because we use the advanced Vortech tank for all filters on this page, we've made a 20% reduction in the media manufacturers' backwash requirement. The tank manufacturer suggests a 30% backwash advantage as compared with standard tanks, but we've taken a more conservative 20% off the media manufacturer's recommendation. This reduction is reflected in the charts.

Some of the highlights of filters offered on this page:

  • Vortech advanced mineral tanks for superior filtration and reduced backwash requirements. No gravel underbed is needed.

  • Sturdy Fleck 2510 timer control (12-day clock) with an inexpensive optional upgrade to SXT electronic control.

  • Stainless steel bypass in either 3/4" or 1" (your choice).

  • Drain line flow control to match the filter, pre-installed.

  • Drain tubing, except for the two larger sizes of the Filox filters which need larger-sized drains.

  • Media funnel to facilitate installation.

  • Complete instructions and setup sheet that gives all the essentials of your specific filter.

  • Written warranty.

  • Free shipping to lower-48 US addresses.

  • Control valve pre-programmed before shipment — you need only set the time of day. (And programming can be changed easily.)

  • Phone and email support for selection, installation, and upkeep.

Birm Filters

Birm is an old favorite, tried-and-proven iron removal medium. It works well if service demand is moderate, iron levels are relatively low, the pH is good, and no hydrogen sulfide is present.

After Aer-Max, a good Birm filter can handle up to 6 or 8 parts per million of iron if you keep your service flow down. Service life is usually 3 or 4 years. It's inexpensive and relatively easy to backwash, but it has some limitations:

  • The pH of your water must be 6.8 or higher for iron removal and 8.0 or more for efficient manganese removal.

  • Birm should not be used if the water is chlorinated.

  • Birm is not a good choice if the water also contains hydrogen sulfide.

  • Service flow and iron removal capacity per size are low when compared with media like Filox or Katalox Light.

More about Birm.

Part # bw130
Maximum Service Flow: 3 to 4 gpm
Backwash Required: 5 gpm
Price: $693.00
Part # bw131
Maximum Service Flow: 5 gpm
Backwash Required: 6 gpm
Price: $791.00
Part # bw132
Maximum Service Flow: 6 gpm
Backwash Required: 7 gpm
Price: $907.00

Katalox Light Filters

Katalox Light works especially well with aeration and is a good, practical all-around treatment for most iron and odor issues. It has a high iron and hydrogen sulfide capacity and works well at lower pH levels.

Katalox Light is unique in its high service flow potential as compared with its backwash requirement. Its bulk density of only 66 lbs. per cubic foot (just slightly over half as heavy as Filox) makes it practical and manageable for homeowners. Additionally, being made from a natural zeolite material (Zeosorb), Katalox Light removes particulate down to the 3 micron range.

More information about Katalox Light.

Part # kl252
Maximum Service Flow: 5 gpm
Backwash Required: 4 gpm
Price: $867.00
Part # kl253
Maximum Service Flow: 7 gpm
Backwash Required: 6 gpm
Price: $1010.00
Part # kl254
Maximum Service Flow: 8 gpm
Backwash Required: 7 gpm
Price: $1181.00

Filox Filters

Filox is the most active of iron filters per size, but it requires a strong, daily backwash. Filox filters fail if not backwashed sufficiently. Filox is highly effective with iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. If kept clean, it has a very long life. Filox is recommended where iron levels are high and backwash water is plentiful.

As the chart below indicates, Filox filters are commonly sized smaller than other iron filters. A one cubic foot Filox filter handles as much service flow as a two cubic foot Birm filter. Filox is compatible with chlorine and it is very effective with hydrogen sulfide as well as with iron and manganese. Beware of over-sizing.

More information about Filox filters.

Part # bw711
Maximum Service Flow: 6 gpm
Backwash Required: 7 gpm
Price: $825.00
Part # bw712
Maximum Service Flow: 8.5 gpm
Backwash Required: 9 gpm
Price: $1062.00
Part # bw713
Maximum Service Flow: 11.5 gpm
Backwash Required: 13 gpm
Price: $1269.00

Standard Carbon (GAC) Filters

Carbon is the medium of choice for removing odors. After aeration, standard filter carbon works well at removing up to one or two parts per million iron and considerably greater concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. Carbon's strong point is odor removal, and it greatly improves the taste of water and removes random organic chemicals as well. It is light and easy to backwash.

Standard (bituminous) carbon is usually preferred for odor reduction, but coconut shell carbon is more durable than bituminous and tends to last longer. If you prefer coconut shell carbon, just tell us when you order and we'll substitute without charge.

Part # bw135
Maximum Service Flow: 5 gpm
Backwash Required: 4 gpm
Price: $703.00
Part # bw136
Maximum Service Flow: 7 gpm
Backwash Required: 6 gpm
Price: $804.00
Part # bw137
Maximum Service Flow: 8 gpm
Backwash Required: 7 gpm
Price: $924.00

Centaur Catalytic Carbon Filters

Catalytic carbon is carbon that has been especially prepared to treat iron and hydrogen sulfide in well water. It works especially well following aeration. Its main strength is hydrogen sulfide reduction but it also handles two or three parts per million iron well. It has the same density as standard carbon, so it's easy to backwash.

Centaur, the “name brand,” is bituminous carbon. If you prefer coconut shell catalytic carbon, we will substitute Jacobi coconut shell catalytic for the same price. Just tell us when you order. Both Centaur and Jacobi carbons are superb performers after treatment with Aer-Max. Catalytic carbon is by far the best filter medium for high hydrogen sulfide wells.

Part # bw140
Maximum Service Flow: 5 gpm
Backwash Required: 4 gpm
Price: $806.00
Part # bw141
Maximum Service Flow: 7 gpm
Backwash Required: 6 gpm
Price: $941.00
Part # bw142
Maximum Service Flow: 8 gpm
Backwash Required: 7 gpm
Price: $1096.00

Carbon Block Filters

Carbon block filters can be used very effectively after Aer-Max when only hydrogen sulfide is being treated. If the water contains more than a small amount of iron, cartridge-style filters will stop up prematurely. More styles and many cartridge options exist.

Carbon block filters can be installed in parallel if greater service flow and less pressure drop are desired.

Maximum service flow of 3 gpm for 10" housing, 6 gpm for 20" housing.

Includes a 10" housing, mounting bracket kit, wrench and a 5 Micron MatriKX CTO Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge.

Part # wh202

Includes a single housing, mounting bracket kit, wrench and a CTO carbon block cartridge.

Part # wh102

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