Watts R-12 1200 GPD RO Unit

Watts R-12 1200 GPD RO Unit
part# ro911

The R-12 is basic RO at its best: tough and reliable, with standard-sized components, designed for years of reliable service. You will appreciate the use of standard-sized components when it comes time to replace a part. For example, the R-12 uses an easy to find 2.5" X 40" membrane. When you replace it, you will have lots of brand and price options that aren't available with proprietary units for which the manufacturer requires you to buy his brand at his price. Pumps and motors are also standard industry items that you can purchase from a variety of sources.

The R-12 is perfectly sized for most home users. We offer it in two production sizes — 600 and 1200 gallons per day. The units are identical, except that the 1200 gallon unit has two membranes and the 600 has one.

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