Multi-Media Backwashing Filter

Multi-Media Backwashing Filter
part# bw007

Multi-media (garnet, sand, and anthracite) backwashing filter with Fleck 5600 timer.

Multi-Media is a traditional favorite for sediment removal. It consists of natural filtration materials like sand, garnet, gravel and anthracite arranged in layers to achieve sediment filtration down into the 10 to 20 micron range. The standard multi-media unit sold here uses 45 lbs. garnet, 35 lbs. sand, and 25 lbs. anthracite. If you want to put alternate media into the mix, let us know. (The price is higher than that of some filters because of the weight of the media. Remember that our prices include shipping.)

Product Details

Filter Control Fleck 5600
Tank Size 10" X 54"
Media Multi-Media (Garnet, Sand, and Anthracite)

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Price: 635.00

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