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Below are the most commonly ordered parts for 5600 softeners and filters. Please call or email for other parts. The easy way to inquire about part prices and availability is to use the part number of your softener or filter manual. You can inquire by phone or email.

Most 5600 parts are on hand for immediate shipment.

For replacement valves, see our index of Fleck Control Valves.

Part # Description Price
BW516 Fleck 5600 Softener Piston Assembly Kit. For Timer and Econominder Models. $44.00
BW537 5600 Filter Piston Assembly.  Standard Piston for 5600 Filters. $44.00
BW538 5600 Filter Low Water Piston.  Water saving piston for filters only.  Can replace standard filter piston. $44.00
BW539 5600 SE Softener Piston Assembly.  Piston for 5600 SE Softeners only. $44.00
BW517 Fleck 5600 Seal and Spacer Kit.  Works for all 5600 valves. $21.00
BW508 Fleck 5600 Drive Motor 110 volt with brass drive gear. Works for all 5600 Valves. $46.00

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