Non-Electric, Water-Powered Chemical Injector

The compact unit is complete in itself. Mounting screws and template are provided.

Inject Chlorine, Soda Ash or Other Chemicals into Your Water Stream,
the Easy Way:

Our water-driven chemical injector operates without electricity. It injects water treatment chemicals (chlorine, for example) into your water stream and is powered by the flow of the water stream itself.

Tough, accurate, and very easy to install, this versatile injector is ideal for residential applications with service flow rates up to 11 gallons per minute.

The injector requires no pre-filtration, no electricity, and no flow switch to start it. It's self-priming. It injects at an adjustable ratio of 1 part solution for each 150 to 500 parts of household water. Solutions will be weaker than would be normal with an electric metering pump, so it probably isn't a good choice if you're going to inject a highly concentrated chemical — polyphosphate, for example.

Maintenance is very easy, since no harsh chemicals pass through the water motor itself. The pump itself (the white object at bottom in the picture) is easy to service, easy and inexpensive to replace. The water motor comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. There is no warranty on the pump itself.

This injector works well anywhere a low-cost, low-maintenance injection system is needed. It's a good choice for chlorine injection for the treatment of iron and/or hydrogen sulfide, or bacteria. It's especially good for remote or off-grid locations where electricity isn't easily obtained. It can be installed almost anywhere in the water line, but you might not want to install it in your garage our outside your bedroom window because the water pump makes some noise. It's quite portable and can be easily installed on a garden hose. The water pipe does not even have to be pierced at the point of injection.

The water powered injector comes with an adjustable feed ratio — from 150:1 to 500:1. Further "adjustment" is a matter of fine tuning the feed solution. Go here to see some typical feed ratios with chlorine.

This pump is probably the fastest and easiest way to set up a chemical feed system. It installs quickly and can be put in service at once. The warranty and service are handled by the manufacturer, Chemilizer, a very customer-friendly company. We at Pure Water Products stock parts and can help with the setup and operation.

The injector works well with standard electrical pump accessories. You'll need a solution tank and, perhaps, a retention tank. These are sold on our chemical feeder page.

Chemilizer Non-Electric Chemical Injector

Injects water treatment chemicals with the power of the water stream itself. Requires no pre-filtration, no electricity, and no flow switch to start.

Part # ci302

Water-Powered Injector: Easy to Install, Simple to Set Up.

Simple Installation! This simple injector can be installed quickly into a water line using flexible hoses, as in the illustration, or it can be plumbed in with rigid pipe, as in the picture of our test unit below.

The three valves control water flow. For service position, valve A would be closed, valves B and C open. Water passes through the water motor, which drives the chemical pump, which picks up solution from the solution tank (not shown) below the pipe and injects it under pressure into the water line.

The system handles water flows up to 11 gallons per minute. For higher flow requirements, two injector systems can be mounted in parallel. So little pressure is needed to drive the water motor that it works excellently on gravity flow systems.

The injector is completely automatic. It's self-priming, and it turns itself on and off without a flow switch. When you run water to the home, the water motor starts and injects into your water line.

Give us a call to order parts for the adjustable Chemilizer, or the discontinued 1:250 Fixed-Ratio Chemilizer.

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